15 CRE Tech Platforms for Multifamily Owners and Managers

As tech adoption rates are rising in the multifamily sector and industry leaders have begun using various platforms to reduce costs, streamline workflows and enable communication, companies slow to adopt tech will soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage. Technology solutions for multifamily CRE cover a wide gamut, solving a variety of logistical tasks from accounting to tenant invoicing to project management.

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8 Warning Signs You Need a CRE Project Management Platform

If you own at least a few buildings, you likely have a project management system in place—whether it’s based in Excel or email or elements of other tools that have been cobbled together. But relying on a system of generic tools to drive complex decisions is nowhere near as efficient as using a project management platform that is designed specifically for commercial real estate organizations.

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Mid-Year CRE Tech Outlook: Five Industry Experts Weigh In

Now that more than half the year is behind us, we wanted to check in on the state of the CRE Tech sector. At the start of the year, we found several sources that predicted continued growth in real estate technology investment and deployment, and a few sources that saw some trouble on the horizon. 

As it happens, leaders from across the industry spent the summer looking closely at activity from Q1/Q2 and assessing what that means for the remainder of the year and beyond. Overall, analysis indicates that CRE technology will continue to gain traction, but widespread adoption still poses the biggest challenge.

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5 Powerful Insights Construction Cost Categories Can Reveal

Experienced real estate owners and managers know that a large part of the success of their building projects is determined in the planning phase, long before a permit is pulled or a nail is hammered. It’s surprising then that many of the industry’s most established organizations don’t reliably capture, track or standardize data from critical planning activities. Cost categories (also called line items) lead this list of powerful but underutilized sources of information.

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NAIOP Study Sees Continued Growth in US Construction Spending [REPORT]

The NAIOP research foundation has released its annual report, Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate; a study filled with statistical analysis on pre-construction, site development, on-site construction, tenant improvement and operations expenditures across office, industrial, warehouse and retail real estate in the US.

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How Boston Properties and LendLease use CRE tech to aggregate data

It’s easy to be fairly dazzled by some of the recent technology-related success stories emerging in commercial real estate.

Just think of how Hightower and VTS make owners’ and property managers’ lives easier by injecting technology into the leasing management process.

Or how Compstak leverages crowdsourcing to revolutionize the process of amassing comp data—formerly an arduous, labor-intensive, hit-or-miss undertaking.

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McKinsey finds staggering increase in construction cost overruns [REPORT]

A recent report published by global consulting firm McKinsey & Company reveals some troubling facts about the health of the construction industry. Across sectors and asset classes, large projects are taking longer than anticipated and running significantly over budget.

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What Commercial Real Estate Can Learn from Uber According to Ten-X Founder

The largest transaction to ever occur online totaled a whopping $96 million—and it happened through Jeff Frieden's site Ten-X. Formerly known as, Ten-X is the country's largest real estate marketplace, facilitating sales of commercial buildings, traditional homes and distressed properties. 

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Onyx Equities' Founder on How CRE Technology Can Spur Creative Thinking

"Technology is great to have, but people are everything."

Jonathan Schultz, founder and managing director of Onyx Equities, is well known for being an early adopter of technology. In fact, he's more of a technology hunter than simply an adopter. Onyx Equities specializes in repositioning undervalued office, retail, industrial and residential space, and Schultz avidly encourages his team to find, test and deploy technologies that will make them more efficient and satisfied in this work. 

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CompStak CEO: CRE Tech Laggards are Finally Ready to Buy in.

CompStak CEO and co-founder Michael Mandel has had thousands of conversations with real estate profesionals about the importance of adopting technology to make business processes more transparent and efficient. In late 2011, after spending nearly six years as a broker with Grubb & Ellis, Mandel formed CompStak to build the world's first comprehensive database of leasing information.

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