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Managing Construction Costs for Hypergrowth Companies

Ownership, Control, and Insight: Mastering Corporate Buildouts

3 Benefits of Purpose-Built Technology for Corporate Owners

Top 3 Reasons Why Owners Can't Afford to Miss Groundbreak 2019

Saving Retail from the Apocalypse

Get the Best Constructions Bids from Your Contractors

The Commercial Real Estate Owners Guide to Rethinking Retail

Creating Clear Sightlines: A Single Source of Truth

From Catalyst 2019: Why Innovation Matters: Past, Present, and Future

The Human Side of Technology: Catalyst 2019 Keynote by Scott Hartley

Honest Buildings + Procore: Accelerating Our Mission and Growth

Building Investor Confidence Using Technology

Riggs Kubiak on Commercial Real Estate: Bloomberg Markets Interview

"Data is Useless Unless the Quality is Good"--FCP Achieves Clear Sight for Better Decision-Making

A New Approach to Capital Planning for Investment Managers

Creating a Culture of Predictable Outcomes: Catalyst 2019 Keynote by Dr. Barbara White Bryson

Aversion, Acceptance, Adoption, Acceleration: Our Evolving Relationship with PropTech

The Art of Negotiation: Three Tips

EQ Office's Lisa Picard Makes the Future of Office Her Purpose | Catalyst 2019 Keynote

9 Tips to Control and Track Costs on Tenant Improvement Projects

Applying Pressure: When to Lean In, When to Back Off, and How to Know the Difference

Welcome to Catalyst 2019!

How the Cloud is Continuing to Making Real Estate Owners Dramatically More Efficient

Speaking Your Native Language: The Honest Buildings/Procore Integration

Catalyst 2019: Something Different

Key Takeaways from Catalyst: How Owners Can Progress the Urban Landscape

The Evolution of Data-Driven Decision Management (DDDM)

Everybody Knows PropTech is Important, But Not What to Do With It

The Rise of the Chief Information and Chief Technology Officer in Commercial Real Estate

Rethinking Retail: “The End of the World as We Know It”

MRI and Honest Buildings: Improve Project Performance With Two-Way Integration

5 Powerful Insights Construction Cost Categories Can Reveal

Project Management at the Heart of Asset Management

CRE FOMO: Missing Out on ROI by Underspending Capital Budgets

Natural & Spontaneous Changes: Technology Advocates and Opportunities for Urban Progress

Making Better Use of Time, a Limited Resource: Reducing the Administrative Burden

Don't Let Legal Agreements be Showstoppers: A Project Management Checklist

From Millennials to Technology: Betting on What Will Change the Real Estate Industry

Underspending Your Capital Budget

Why Innovation Matters & 3 Ways to Practice it Daily

What Could Owners Accomplish with Accessible Data?

Solving The Owner's Dilemma

Six Elements of Successful Capital Plans

Collaboration: Aligning Acquisitions with Asset Management

Change Management in CRE: When and Why Change Becomes Inevitable for Owners

Three Reasons Why More Bidders Offer Greater Project Value

Has New Become Normal? What Makes A Great Property Manager

The Role of the Landlord

The Smartest Buildings? They Belong to Smart Owners

The F-Word

5 Best Practices You Must Implement for Real Estate Procurement

PropTech in 2018, Looking Back and Looking Ahead

5 Reasons You Need Competitive Bidding on Your Projects

Owners Deserve A World-Class Capital Planning Platform

"Open and Connected"-- The 2018 MRI Software IUC

The Best and Brightest of CRE: A Roundtable on Operational Excellence

Changing the Way Owners Manage Capital: Introducing Portfolio Capital Planning Platform 2.0

Sweat the Small Stuff: Capital Planning and Small Projects

Six Pitfalls of Excel in Commercial Real Estate Cost Tracking

"I was born in North Idaho": A Conversation With Riggs Kubiak

Managing Change Though Adaptability: How Parkway is Leading the Houston Market

Behind Our Series B: Creating Value Through Purpose-Built Tech for Owners

Vendor Qualification Template for Real Estate Owners

Structuring an Effective Commercial Real Estate Cost Tracker

9 Tips to Control and Track Costs on Tenant Improvement Projects

The Cost of Bad Project Cost Tracking

Cost Tracking Checklist for Real Estate Owners

Insider Bid Management Tips for Real Estate Owners

The Most Effective Bid Template for Construction Projects

Getting the Best Construction Bids from Your Contractors

Preparing Bid Documentation and Bid Forms for CRE Projects [CHECKLIST]

How CRE Owners Optimize Project Bidding for More Profitable Outcomes

6 Absurd Things CRE Teams Say About Approvals and How to Address Them

5 Problems Good Cost Tracking Can Uncover in Your CRE Projects

Five Security Considerations for CIOs & CTOs Evaluating SaaS CRE Technology

McKinsey Construction Report Has Compelling Advice for CRE Owners

How long does the bid process take for most CRE projects?

The Risk of Your Capital Plans Is in the Smaller Projects

2017 Is Not the Time to Underspend on CRE Capital Budgets

CRE Experts' Tips on Controlling the Cost of Tenant Improvements

15 CRE Tech Platforms for Multifamily Owners and Managers

8 Warning Signs You Need a CRE Project Management Platform

Mid-Year CRE Tech Outlook: Five Industry Experts Weigh In

NAIOP Study Sees Continued Growth in US Construction Spending [REPORT]

How Boston Properties and LendLease use CRE tech to aggregate data

McKinsey finds staggering increase in construction cost overruns [REPORT]

What Commercial Real Estate Can Learn from Uber According to Ten-X Founder

Onyx Equities' Founder on How CRE Technology Can Spur Creative Thinking

CompStak CEO: CRE Tech Laggards are Finally Ready to Buy in.

Six Tricks to Rolling Out CRE Tech Initiatives in Your Company

5 Questions CRE Owners Need to Ask Third-Party Property Managers

Why Your Real Estate Firm Needs a Cross-Functional Technology Committee

5 Thoughts on How CRE Tech Might Fare in 2016

CRE Tech Has Nothing to Do With Tech and Everything to Do With People

The Dangers of Decentralizing Your CRE Portfolio and Project Data

Six Pitfalls of Excel in Commercial Real Estate Cost Tracking

JLL, CBRE And Colliers Prove That CRE Technology Is The New Standard

These CRE Tech Platforms Are Eliminating Layers of Cost From Traditional Real Estate Operations

7 Need-To-Know Security Considerations When Adopting CRE Tech

8 Things Real Estate Investors Should Ask Developers and Operators Before Investing

How Two CRE Giants Leverage Collaboration To Drive Growth

The Cloud's Biggest Benefit is Agility and Creating Business Value

17 Traditional Real Estate Leaders Investing In CRE Tech Companies

Why CRE technology costs less than traditional software [Infographic]

This $8 Trillion Industry Impacts Your Business Daily, But You Barely Even Notice

Mobile Internet is Making the Commercial Real Estate Industry Move

#CRE Dispatches | CRE Tech's Persistent Momentum

Building a Best-In-Class Real Estate Technology Stack

The $1 trillion value creation opportunity staring commercial real estate in the face

Science Empowers Art in Commercial Real Estate Decision Making

5 Signs You Might Be Paying Your Vendors Too Much

Is technology 'nice to have' or 'must have' in commercial real estate?

#CRE Dispatches | Adopt or Get Off the Pot

Why CEOs, Boards, and Investors Value Real Estate Technology

Real Estate's Love/Hate Relationship with Technology

Make Your Procurement Process So Easy a New Project Manager Could Run It

Real Estate Technology Has Already Affected Your Life: Here's One Example

How To Feel Comfortable Working With A New Vendor

5 Reliable Best Practices for Real Estate Procurement [Worksheet]

How Excel is Killing Your Bid Management (and How to Fix It)

The Hidden Costs of Waiting to Adopt New Technology

The New Breed Of Property Manager

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