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Ezra Kauffman

Ezra Kauffman
Ezra Kauffman is an Associate Product Manager at Honest Buildings. He combines a passion for real estate with experience in financial and data analysis to create value for owners.

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CRE FOMO: Missing Out on ROI by Underspending Capital Budgets

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Companies must improve the way they manage capital to boost competitiveness and support emerging growth. In the long-term, companies building strategic-thinking contemporary real estate teams aligned workplace goals with C-level vision will take corporate real estate “from Good to Great.” 

Tame the Capital Monster

In an article entitled “Tame the Capital Monster,” JLL argues that today’s largest companies drive competitive advantages through intensive capital programs. Capital allocation comes in many forms. Typical corporate real estate projects include office space renovations that incorporate modern design (more conference rooms or flexible workspaces) for improving employee productivity and increasing recruiting competitiveness. Banks earmark budget to expand branches in key target markets or reposition existing branches to boost brand and attract clients. Emerging businesses build new or expand on existing locations to grow their footprint and potentially, revenues.

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