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Geoff Lewis

Geoff Lewis
As Chief Product Officer, Geoff is an advocate for the needs of customers. He ensures that the Honest Buildings product is intuitive, intelligent and delivers strategic value for commercial real estate leaders.

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The Best and Brightest of CRE: A Roundtable on Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the capacity to execute business strategy with greater consistency than your competitors and is measured empirically, by results. Within the commercial real estate industry,  operational excellence is created broadly across organizations; for our purposes, consider the contributions of asset management, portfolio management, operations, and members of the C-suite.

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How long does the bid process take for most CRE projects?

For all its positives, properly bidding a project requires a major investment of time on the part of commercial real estate owners and their teams. Even simple bid processes require hours of preparation on the part of the project manager, and then typically require several days for the vendors to prepare their bids, followed by leveling, negotiation, and, finally, award.

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The Risk of Your Capital Plans Is in the Smaller Projects

When it comes to capital projects, it’s easy for owners to see the benefits of optimizing operational efficiency on large-scale, multi-million dollar jobs like lobby renovations and other major repositioning projects. Big projects require a large concentration of resources and efforts, and their success or failure greatly impacts the bottom line of an entire portfolio.

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