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Changing the Way Owners Manage Capital: Introducing Portfolio Capital Planning Platform 2.0

Capital Planning is a critical element of an owner’s long-term business and asset management strategy. Effective capital plans ensure that commercial real estate owners manage their cash, optimize returns to investors and most importantly, enhance the value of their portfolios.

Capital plan administration has not been served by the technology which would make it less onerous. Despite being a primary driver of return on investment, beyond spreadsheets, owners have never had resources specifically designed to manage capital plans. 

Our customers, real estate owners and investment managers, shared their challenges and frustrations:

Updating and managing our capital plans is time and resource intensive.

Tracking investments of this magnitude with spreadsheets is not scalable.

Data is stale by the time we do our quarterly/annual lookbacks.

Because capital plans are static and inflexible, our team is overly conservative about executing projects. Underspend is a huge issue.

Based on user feedback along with dozens of conversations with the largest real estate owners, we've built a product aimed at improving the way owners manage capital forecasting, unlocking value across their portfolios.

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We listened, and then we built you a solution.

Honest Buildings upends “the way we’ve always done things” with a new platform specifically tailored to help owners better deploy capital and mitigate risk.

Version 2.0 of the Portfolio Capital Planning Platform enables teams to collaboratively create and track capital plans in real time. No longer chained to quarterly or end-of-year analysis, our Live Reforecast utility empowers owners to leverage real-time and historical insights, producing budget and schedule modeling and adjustments based upon current data and inputs.  Customers further improve accuracy in capital planning, drive better returns for investors through smarter capital deployment, and create lasting asset values.

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Drive Better Decision Making

Optimize the value of all the project information you’ve amassed across your portfolio. Increase forecasting accuracy and reduce risk by leveraging a database of structured historical project costs. 

Reforecast Instantly

The Live Reforecast feature allows owners to analyze past data, real-time current project costs, and future planned spend in a single consolidated view.

Improve Enterprise-Wide Performance

The Portfolio Capital Planning Platform dramatically reduces the time it takes to create, maintain, and report on capital plans from underwriting through budgeting all the way to disposition, collaboratively and in real time.

At Honest Buildings, we develop resources to create value for owners by optimizing the way they manage their capital spend. Our Portfolio Capital Planning Platform tracks and manages capital deployment across assets over their lifecycle from purchase to disposition.

Less guesswork and more empirical data provides a single source of truth to validate decision-making. This platform allows owners to consider projects as a way to drive value for investors, tracking costs, timing, markets, etc. Finally, they have the insights they deserve.

--Riggs Kubiak, CEO and co-founder

The Portfolio Capital Planning Platform launched with Beacon Capital Partners as a beta partner. 

When Honest Buildings approached us to partner in creating and testing their new Portfolio Capital Planning Platform, we saw an immediate advantage in embracing this new product. We believe that moving the capital planning process away from spreadsheets and into a system that tracks the deployment of capital in real time will help us create efficiencies and make better decisions. 

--Sara Shank, Managing Director, Head of Portfolio Management, Beacon Capital Partners. 

Stay tuned for more updates about capital planning, and if you'd like to see the product in action, sign up for a product overview webinar. 

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Rochelle A. Carter-Wilson

Written by Rochelle A. Carter-Wilson

Rochelle is the Content Marketing Manager for Honest Buildings. She creates stories and other on-brand content to inform and engage owners and other members of the Commercial Real Estate industry.

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