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CompStak CEO: CRE Tech Laggards are Finally Ready to Buy in.

CompStak CEO and co-founder Michael Mandel has had thousands of conversations with real estate profesionals about the importance of adopting technology to make business processes more transparent and efficient. In late 2011, after spending nearly six years as a broker with Grubb & Ellis, Mandel formed CompStak to build the world's first comprehensive database of leasing information.

Mandel has seen the commercial real estate industry increasingly more open to integrating data and operations platforms into their organizations, but there has always been a part of the industry that has remained reluctant. He believes that is about change. We sat down with him recently to find out why. 

Wistia video thumbnail - Interview with Michael Mandel (May 2016)



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Pauline Nee

Written by Pauline Nee

Pauline is the head of content for Honest Buildings. For over twelve years in the commercial real estate industry, she has held diverse roles focused on product development, digital marketing, user research, web design and arts programming.

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