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Onyx Equities' Founder on How CRE Technology Can Spur Creative Thinking

"Technology is great to have, but people are everything."

Jonathan Schultz, founder and managing director of Onyx Equities, is well known for being an early adopter of technology. In fact, he's more of a technology hunter than simply an adopter. Onyx Equities specializes in repositioning undervalued office, retail, industrial and residential space, and Schultz avidly encourages his team to find, test and deploy technologies that will make them more efficient and satisfied in this work. 

And though Schultz is a devoted technophile, it's this commitment to equipping his team for success that drives him. As he says, "Technology is a great thing to have, but people are everything."

At Honest Buildings, we agree that the power of CRE technology lies entirely with how it empowers people so we asked Schultz to tell us more about how he approaches change management, getting buy-in from his team and using technology to spur creative thinking. 

Wistia video thumbnail - Interview with Jonathan Schultz (May 2016)


Pauline Nee

Written by Pauline Nee

Pauline is the head of content for Honest Buildings. For over twelve years in the commercial real estate industry, she has held diverse roles focused on product development, digital marketing, user research, web design and arts programming.

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