The Role of the Landlord

The role of urban landlords and their responsibilities have changed. With tenants leveraging features and amenities aimed at improving worker retention, simply managing buildings is merely the baseline - especially when it comes to evolving urban landscapes and demographics. As the urban agenda draws us closer together, new live-work-play models set the standard for property management moving forward.

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The Smartest Buildings? They Belong to Smart Owners

Riggs Kubiak, speaking on a panel entitled, "Innovation is Reshaping Design, Construction, Development and Creating Smarter Buildings: Practical and Strategic Insights That Can Be Applied to Your Projects and Your Assets" defines smart buildings differently than you might expect. Moderated by Giselle Gagnon of Bentall Kennedy, he was joined by Thanos Lambrinos of QuadReal Property Group, Nick Cameron from Perkins + Will, and Casey Witkowicz of RYCOM Corporation.

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The F-Word

No, not that one. Used broadly across construction, real estate, matters of property and law, our F-Word derives from the Latin fidere,  which means “to trust.”  We’re referencing Fiduciary, the other F-Word. Strictly defined, it describes one held to and undertaking the duties of good faith and trust.

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5 Best Practices You Must Implement for Real Estate Procurement

Between budgeting and building lies Procurement. Commercial real estate and project owners modernized leasing and asset valuation like  VTS, and ARGUS. However, there are inefficiencies yet to be addressed in vendor and bid management processes. The good news is those efforts will be well rewarded since according to CBRE,

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PropTech in 2018, Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As we begin to close out the year and plan for 2019, we thought it might be interesting to look back and then, look forward. What is the impact of technology developed specifically for commercial real estate on our industry, and where will it go from here?

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5 Reasons You Need Competitive Bidding on Your Projects


A peer-reviewed study recently demonstrated the value to be gained by opening up bidding. The simple expansion in the number of bidders from 3 to 5 can yield as much as an 11.6% drop in the low bid. 

Competitive bidding has evolved

You don’t need to spend more in terms of time and resources going through the process of bidding than you’ll save in getting a lower proposal. You do need to have good process in place to run an efficient bidding process, but that process should only need to be created once. 

You need a few basic things in place to start building a strong competitive bidding process: 

• A shared directory of up-to-date vendor contact information.

 A standardized bid template.

 A centralized way for everyone on the team to access the most up-to-date documents from any device.

 A clear scope of work.

 Access to your Department of Buildings permit information.

If you’re manually leveling bids, it’s no surprise that your team is disincentivized to invite multiple bidders. With an automated bid leveling tool, you will align your cost-savings goals with the limited amount of time that your team has to manage the process. The software does the administrative work, freeing your team to spent their time on critical business challenges. 

Relationships Matter

The real estate industry is built on relationships. You probably assume the service providers you’ve worked with for years are the best for your projects, and you may very well be right. Familiarity with process, company culture and mutual expectations are strong factors in favor of maintaining a go-to team.

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Owners Deserve A World-Class Capital Planning Platform

A few weeks ago, Honest Buildings officially launched version 2.0 of our Portfolio Capital Planning Platform, meaning it’s now out of beta and available both to new and existing customers. You can read more about the specific platform and it’s benefits here.

I’m taking a step back to talk about why I am so excited about our latest innovation.  

This is Important Because...

Owners  deserve platforms built specifically for their needs and to meet their fiduciary obligations.If you take nothing else away from reading this, remember I told you this:

Owners deserve tech platforms built for them.
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"Open and Connected"-- The 2018 MRI Software IUC

Billed as a gathering for MRI’s community to mobilize and “gain special industry insights and connect with other users,” we amassed a team and left New York, headed south.

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The Best and Brightest of CRE: A Roundtable on Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the capacity to execute business strategy with greater consistency than your competitors and is measured empirically, by results. Within the commercial real estate industry,  operational excellence is created broadly across organizations; for our purposes, consider the contributions of asset management, portfolio management, operations, and members of the C-suite.

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Changing the Way Owners Manage Capital: Introducing Portfolio Capital Planning Platform 2.0

Capital Planning is a critical element of an owner’s long-term business and asset management strategy. Effective capital plans ensure that commercial real estate owners manage their cash, optimize returns to investors and most importantly, enhance the value of their portfolios.

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