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The Art of Negotiation: Three Tips

3 minute read

How do we undertake interactions in a way that allows both parties to look forward to subsequent negotiations and working together? We've gathered our three favorite tips for consistently arriving at successful outcomes without doing damage.

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MRI and Honest Buildings: Improve Project Performance With Two-Way Integration

2 minute read

Honest Buildings and MRI are providing a first-of-its-kind two-way integration. Clients using MRI’s flagship property management and accounting platform in conjunction with Honest Buildings experience better workflows that help drive the growth and health of their businesses.   

We began our partnership 3 years ago, building out API integrations facilitating seamless information sharing and transparency. Our relationship includes an elevated commitment from both MRI and Honest Buildings to support, and enhance workflows between the two systems enabling optimized project performance.

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Project Management at the Heart of Asset Management

1 minute read

Commercial real estate owners experience the greatest opportunity to define and achieve successful long-term strategic plans in organizations where asset managers, acquisition teams, and project management align. 

There is a clear through-line, in the form of a coordinated capital plan and investment strategy post-acquisition through disposition. This method views assets within the portfolio with a value-add approach. Well considered decision making results from a collective understanding of the long-term capital plan, and how the organization will achieve desired results.

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Six Elements of Successful Capital Plans

3 minute read

Capital projects build revenue by making assets more competitive in the marketplace, allowing them to draw higher rents. Capital projects also reduce operating costs by managing the cost of running those assets.   


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Collaboration: Aligning Acquisitions with Asset Management

3 minute read

Cross-Functional, but Not Aligned

A recent cross-functional conversation among commercial real estate professionals surfaced an interesting conundrum; acquisition teams should routinely collaborate with asset management groups, but don’t. Why not?

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