The F-Word

No, not that one. Used broadly across construction, real estate, matters of property and law, our F-Word derives from the Latin fidere,  which means “to trust.”  We’re referencing Fiduciary, the other F-Word. Strictly defined, it describes one held to and undertaking the duties of good faith and trust.

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5 Best Practices You Must Implement for Real Estate Procurement

Between budgeting and building lies Procurement. Commercial real estate and project owners modernized leasing and asset valuation like  VTS, and ARGUS. However, there are inefficiencies yet to be addressed in vendor and bid management processes. The good news is those efforts will be well rewarded since according to CBRE,

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PropTech in 2018, Looking Back and Looking Ahead

As we begin to close out the year and plan for 2019, we thought it might be interesting to look back and then, look forward. What is the impact of technology developed specifically for commercial real estate on our industry, and where will it go from here?

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