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Why Innovation Matters & 3 Ways to Practice it Daily

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

Dean Kamen

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"Open and Connected"-- The 2018 MRI Software IUC

Billed as a gathering for MRI’s community to mobilize and “gain special industry insights and connect with other users,” we amassed a team and left New York, headed south.

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The Best and Brightest of CRE: A Roundtable on Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the capacity to execute business strategy with greater consistency than your competitors and is measured empirically, by results. Within the commercial real estate industry,  operational excellence is created broadly across organizations; for our purposes, consider the contributions of asset management, portfolio management, operations, and members of the C-suite.

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Riggs Kubiak on Commercial Real Estate: Bloomberg Markets Interview

Our CEO and Co-Founder Riggs Kubiak recently sat down with Carol Massar and Jason Kelly of Bloomberg Markets to talk commercial real estate. We’ve recapped what their listeners were most interested in knowing about Riggs and about Honest Buildings.

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Behind Our Series B: Creating Value Through Purpose-Built Tech for Owners

A few weeks ago we closed our Series B: a $30 million round of funding from an incredibly strategic group of partners. The investors included some of the real estate industry’s largest and most innovative commercial real estate owners alongside real estate focused venture capital funds. We raised this round to accelerate the creation of a new category of technology platform built specifically for owners who oversee the $10 trillion per year annual global construction spend. To do this we’ll continue to invest into expanding our world class team, and expand from facilitating $1 billion per month in project volume to tens of billions per month on the Honest Buildings platform.

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Key Takeaways from Catalyst: How Owners Can Progress the Urban Landscape

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McKinsey Construction Report Has Compelling Advice for CRE Owners

McKinsey & Company released an insightful report on why the construction industry lags so far behind other major industries in productivity, and what can be done to fix the problem.

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Mid-Year CRE Tech Outlook: Five Industry Experts Weigh In

Now that more than half the year is behind us, we wanted to check in on the state of the CRE Tech sector. At the start of the year, we found several sources that predicted continued growth in real estate technology investment and deployment, and a few sources that saw some trouble on the horizon. 

As it happens, leaders from across the industry spent the summer looking closely at activity from Q1/Q2 and assessing what that means for the remainder of the year and beyond. Overall, analysis indicates that CRE technology will continue to gain traction, but widespread adoption still poses the biggest challenge.

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NAIOP Study Sees Continued Growth in US Construction Spending [REPORT]

The NAIOP research foundation has released its annual report, Economic Impacts of Commercial Real Estate; a study filled with statistical analysis on pre-construction, site development, on-site construction, tenant improvement and operations expenditures across office, industrial, warehouse and retail real estate in the US.

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5 Thoughts on How CRE Tech Might Fare in 2016

Last year was a banner year for commercial real estate technology. If you missed the highlights, get up to speed here, here and here. Then 2016 arrived, bringing signs of distress in global capital markets and questions about the impact on commercial real estate. The multifamily sector and development in major downtowns appear strong, but growth elsewhere verges on stagnant.

How will nascent turbulence in the industry impact CRE tech in 2016? Here are thoughts from five industry leaders on where CRE tech is most viable and where it might stumble.

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