Vendor Qualification Template for Real Estate Owners

Even the most well-connected real estate project managers and property managers find themselves in need of new vendors for their capital and construction projects from time to time. In addition to the savings that competitive bidding practices deliver, owners have to meet the demands of expanding portfolios, new building technologies and stiff industry competition.

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5 Powerful Insights Construction Cost Categories Can Reveal

Experienced real estate owners and managers know that a large part of the success of their building projects is determined in the planning phase, long before a permit is pulled or a nail is hammered. It’s surprising then that many of the industry’s most established organizations don’t reliably capture, track or standardize data from critical planning activities. Cost categories (also called line items) lead this list of powerful but underutilized sources of information.

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5 Signs You Might Be Paying Your Vendors Too Much

Reliable, professional vendors are essential partners in your quest to bring projects in on time and under budget. The right mix of quality work, responsiveness, and price is what you’re looking for, and once you make that contact it’s natural to continue the relationship. Like any good relationship, it’s good to step back and evaluate the benefits that each party is getting and your level of satisfaction with the service provider.

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Make Your Procurement Process So Easy a New Project Manager Could Run It

The real estate procurement process - from vendor management to bid leveling to spend tracking - can be a bear. Complexity often occurs for good reason, whether it’s due to an increase in project sizes or an appreciation for the benefits accrued from competitively bidding your projects

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How To Feel Comfortable Working With A New Vendor

Most real estate professionals rely heavily on word of mouth when they look for new vendors. A referral from a trusted colleague is a powerful thing, but it paints a narrow picture of someone’s qualifications.

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